About me

I’m George “Poqe” Popescu, freelance photographer and videographer  based in Bucharest, Romania, b. 1980

I’m member of N-OST news agency that is based in Berlin, focused on Eastern Europe and ex-sovietic countries.

I published on Romanian magazines like Esquire, Decat o Revista, Vice.

I was published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Spiegel, L’Express, Focus, Berliner Zeitung, TAZ, Wiener Zeitung, Die Wochenzeitung.

Worked as a videographer/cameraman for ARTE tv, ARD, Blue Cross International & Vice UK, World Animal Protection.

In  2013 i started a long-term project, crowdfunded, documenting Jiu Valley, a monoindustrial coal mining region from Romania: www.rasunavalea.ro (romanian version, project undergoing).

You can reach me at poqe [at] poqe [dot] com

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